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Dear Karl, I wanted to send a small token of my appreciation for your assistance with looking at our Honda Minivan over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Having car problems is always stressful, let alone when your on vacation. We truly appreciated your attention and you gave us the confidence to drive back to Phoenix.
- The Kwapiszeski Family

How rare is it for the ordinary citizen to find someone who cares about their property when it needs service as it it were their own. You folks are professional in your approach and extremely competent in how you do it. We're so lucky to have you as pros and friends also. Proud owner of S500 Mercedes Benz
- Larry Beddome

We want to thank you for helping us out during out last visit to Sedona with that noisy power steering thing. Karl what you did worked! That car was as quiet as a mouse wearing bedroom slippers! It remains noise free. It was nice to have the problem addressed and gave us peace of mind on our trip home. But the nicest part of the whole situation was having meet the both of you. It's not often you walk into a repair shop with a problem and are seen to immediately. You are awesome. And Terri I feel I have met a lady that shares my interest in animals. Back home now to get our 23 rescued animals ready for winter. Most are special needs and well worth the work to see them happy and cared for. We will stop by just to say hello next spring when we once more get a chance to visit your wonderful city. May the upcoming holidays be the best for you and your family.
- Gailmarie and JB Ellis

Thanks for your note--yes, I suppose the entire ordeal with the car was indeed "too funny"! That said, I finally made it home (this past Monday evening) after a LONG drive across country--thanks of course to both you & Karl. Once again, I'd like to thank you both from the very bottom of my heart for your assistance and service in getting me through this situation. It was both an honor and a pleasure to have met the two of you and the ONLY thing good that came from the entire ordeal. Your kindness, sensitivity and consideration truly defused what could have been a very rough position for me to have been in and I will be forever grateful to you both as such. As promised, I've told as many people as I can about my experience with you guys and have also (as promised) sent your pictures around too! Two nicer people there could not be! Anyway, I promised to call Karl once I got back home to New York safely and I will do so as soon as I catch my breath. Thanks for everything. I hope we can remain friends and look forward to seeing you both one of these days soon!
- Wes Bender

Thanks so much for the extra effort last week and taking my car down to Big ‘O for the tire (sorry for the confusion on the pick up).  It was thoughtful of you to help us out and nice to get back a clean car as well.
-  Deb Bodnar

I have been a customer at Redrock Precision Motors for 3 years.  I am pleased to have discovered an honest, professional facility where I am treated with cordial courtesy and my questions are answered to my satisfaction.
–Suzanne Copeland

Great service as always!
– Ernie Cousins

Your service -- professional, mechanical and personal, has been and still is far and above the norm.  I further appreciate the candid responses in:  "I don’t know but I’ll find out."  Too bad our politicians aren’t as forthcoming.
-  Bruce Kinney

Wonderful service. Your "pre vacation service" (trip checks) is so "old school" and good for the vehicle owners. Very reliable-highly recommend your service.
- Alice McClure

Best car shop in Sedona!
- Patty & Cliff Myers

We are always pleased with the courtesy at the office ladies and repair services.  The technicians have been able to take care of our problems in good time and with understandable answers.
- Andrew Freeman

No disappointments with any of the service. Pauline is very pleasant and helpful. Henry gave me a very complete analysis of issues and presented a path to keeping the expense at a minimum. The final total was less than estimated. It's all good! Thank you.
- David Holum

Great job! Much better than the dealer. Squeak repaired the first time, too.

I have lived in Sedona since 1988 and it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with Redrock Precision Motors during the last week. Having won my 2002 Chrysler Concorde playing Black Jack, I have a very strong sentimental attachment to it.

When it recently developed a “creaking” noise when turning and a “clunking” noise when stopping, I decided to have Redrock Precision Motors analyze it at the suggestion of my friend. I was extremely pleased at Karl’s very perceptive diagnosis and the actual repair results. The repairs were flawless, reasonably priced and expeditious. Needless to say, no one other that RPM will lay hands on my vehicle again and I even have AAA to tow it up to 200 miles to guarantee my preference.
- Al Hugueny

I would not be back with 2 Mercedes Benz, the Sedona Community Handicap Van, if I was not completely satisfied with all your services. I have recommended Redrock Precision Motors to my friends and they have all used your services. They are still my friends so draw your own conclusions.
- Ralph Pilolli

This was the best service I've ever gotten in 40 years! They took care of me really quickly and at a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone! Super job! Thanks so much!
- Michael Joyce

I've used Redrock Precision Motors since Karl and Terri started the business. The name of the business says it all: honest, competent & friendly. I wouldn't go anyplace else!
- Ed Handley

Ron and I want to thank you for your efforts in fixing our air conditioner. You really went above and beyond the call of duty!
- Ron & Jennifer Stuzenbuger

Frank and I just want to thank you again for all your help and kindness fixing our Blazer while visiting Sedona last week! All of you went beyond business and your kindness in helping us. Our Blazer is working just fine and we made it home in good shape. It was such a pleasure to meet people as you all are. How refreshing! We wish you the very best in your business. Sedona should be happy and pleased to have you in town. Thanks again!
- Connie & Frank Basin

Far more valuable than a whole showroom of sun glinted new Mercedes was your gift of caring for my safety.
- Terese Rose

A very special thank you to you and your team for helping us start the process to renovate our little VW. Not only did you do the items we agreed to efficiently, you went above and beyond by conditioning the roof and adjusting the strip-it is so much quieter when we drive on the highway! We thank you for your effective service and graceful handling of our needs. We look forward to the continued improvement of our little VW as time and resources permit.
- Judith & Mark Keane

Thank you so much for all your help with getting my car to the dealer and back! That was above and beyond! It helped ease an already lengthy and difficult situation. And thanks for the car wash. I appreciate all your help & customer service.
- Katherine Stewart

I am writing to let you know just how much I appreciate both the work you do on my cars and the way you do business. As I know you’re aware, not everybody in your business is truly qualified to work on and do a good job when working on automobiles, even though many believe they are and claim to be. I have been nothing short of completely satisfied and, in fact, very happy with the work you have done on my cars.

... Just as important, I appreciate the way you do business. You have consistently diagnosed my car’s service needs correctly and done the required work-at the quoted price. In addition, you have gone the extra mile when needed to make sure that all my expectations were met and that I was happy. These are not characteristics that all businesses have today. I just thought you deserve to know this. It is the reason that I bring my cars to you in Sedona even though I live in Paradise Valley . Keep it up Karl!
- Steve Carter

Friends and neighbors were quick to say the little 2001 BMW I purchased was nice but upkeep would be expensive. Some recommended mechanics in Clarkdale and Cottonwood ; all said Sedona was too expensive for automotive repair. When the time came, getting to Clarkdale or Cottonwood was a complicated chore. I said the heck with it and took my baby BMW to what was Karl’s Black Motors, now Redrock Precision Motors. Much to my surprise, there was a nice young man who tended to my repair needs and while I waited, offered a cup of tea. When I was ready to leave, he said, “It was such a little thing, it’s on me.”

... Obviously, I went back when there was a large chore, I left the car, he drove me home, later delivered the car to my door, even sent a “Thank you for your business” card! How pleasant can you be? If you are looking for affordable health care for your classic Maserati, your grandson’s Mercedes, a booster shot for your BMW or family Ford, I heartily recommend you visit Redrock Precision Motors and meet Karl. You will be as pleasantly surprised as I at the courteous, high-quality service and the realistic, down-to-earth prices. What a sense of relief to know both European and domestic cars can be so well taken care of, right here in Sedona.
- Jade Geneve Kepner

We would like to thank Redrock Precision Motors for their honest, reliable and excellent maintenance service on our VW Bug, Buick & GMC. Since we moved to Sedona in 2001, we have had nothing but expensive repair costs on our vehicles BUT the problems became even worse. We never felt safe on a trip to Phoenix . An engine light would come on; the oil light would flash, the electronic ignition failed, etc. After Redrock Precision Motors serviced our cars, they are running better than when we purchased them new! The residents of Sedona should know about the exceptional service Redrock Precision Motors provides. It is nice for the City of Sedona to have this business as a part of the community.
- Keith & Melinda Hutchins


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