Pressure on CarMax Mounting! Biggest competitor comes out for SAFETY!

Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety

Sep 8, 2015 — HUGE good for used car buyers and all motorists! AutoNation's CEO Mike Jackson has announced that AutoNation will ground ALL recalled cars until they have been repaired -- including USED cars.

AutoNation is America's largest new car dealership chain. According to Automotive News, AutoNation dealerships sold over 214,000 used cars in 2014.

"The recall situation for the U.S. auto industry is a black eye. It is a dysfunctional nightmare that the industry should be ashamed of, and customers are right to be angry and confused," Jackson said. "As part of the industry, we have to hold a mirror up and say, 'What can we do better as a company?'" --quoted in Automotive News, Sept. 7, 2015.

AutoNation's move raises the pressure on CarMax to clean up its act and stop selling vehicles with lethal safety defects. Nothing like good old-fashioned competition to send a healthy message: All car buyers deserve to get a safe car whenever they shop at a dealership. Whether they are buying the car "new" or "used."

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