Attention Mercedes Benz Owners

April, 2008

Sedona Car Repair Shop, Redrock Precision Motors, discovered a very dangerous issue.

At Redrock Precision Motors this month we have discovered and very dangerous issue that can and does effect passenger safety. We would like to inform Mercedes Benz owners before something tragic happens.

During the month of March 2008, a wonderful lady customer, brought to us her 2002 ML500 Mercedes Benz for repairs. The list of repairs included a Major B Service, Front and Rear Brakes, Coolant Service plus Rotating and Balancing her tires. Her repair bill amounted to the considerable sum of approximately $1,800.00. After our repairs were completed, the ML went to a local body shop for some body work then returned, directly back home, to our customer.

That same weekend she made a trip up to Flagstaff without incident, however, on her way back down to Sedona, she lost her Power Steering and had a terrible and frightening experience because her brakes were not responding correctly also. It was, to say the least, a hair raising experience for her and her passenger. She spent that weekend waiting for our office to open to have a private talk with Karl and I. She was extremely upset, thinking our recent repairs were the cause of all her distress.

We all decided, Redrock Precision Motors would pay Jaws Towing to transport her ML down to Schumacher Mercedes Benz Dealership in Scottsdale for an objective point of view and an complete inspection of her vehicle.

What we found out is extremely important to all ML owners.

The Power Steering Hose on ML models have been blowing off and Power Steering Fluid sprays all around the vehicle so logically, the driver looses their power steering.

Redrock Precision Motors checks ALL Mercedes Benz ML Models Power Steering Hoses as part of the regular vehicle inspection, done on ALL vehicles, who visit our shop. We have found a few more incidents where it was prudent to replace the hose and the clamps on other ML models of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

This issue is NOT just for the ML500!

Our customer has returned to us for other repairs since this incident happened.

We do not want anyone experiencing this type of terror whether driving to Flagstaff, Phoenix or cross country. We highly advise Mercedes Benz ML owners/drivers to have their Power Steering Hose inspected in the near future. We do not advise a cross country trip without a comprehensive evaluation of this particular issue.

"Trip checks" are free of any charges at Redrock Precision Motors, always!

We were not found to be at fault, in any manner, however, our customer was very lucky that the outcome was not much worse.

Protect yourself and those you love. Have your ML inspected at your earliest opportunity.

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