Excitement & Rescue at Redrock Precision Motors

April, 2012

It is only 9:30, I wonder what is going to happen the rest of today at the shop!

A vehicle was brought in, waiting a day to two on the lot to get inside for diagnostics.

When brought into the repair bay this morning, chewed wires were evident in various place throughout the vehicle. As they began draining oil Dennis spotted fur! They lost track and the animal went dep inside, under the transmission for about 15 minutes, nothing else was spotted and the diagnostics continued as the oil draining continued. Then, Dennis lowered the vehicle after spotting fur again! As he climbed up, under the hood, he spotted what was under the hood. It wasn't the expected rat! He found and brought out a baby jackrabbit!

They let it go in the front office. One of our best customers, Dan Crookston was in the office at the time and enjoyed the entire rescue actually. What happened next, is something what happens all the time in Sedona. I believe there are really no coincidences. Confirmation happens all the time, that this is the right thinking about this kind of stuff.

In walks a man who, get this, raises rabbits!

After a discussion, everyone, I mean everyone down at the shop was staring at a very terrified little bunny, cowering in a far corner in the front office. It was decided that they would all leave the office area and leave the front door open. The bunny raiser said, for this baby jackrabbit, the best thing was to release it back outside.

The baby bunnie bid adieu' to all, hopped out the door toward the wooded area, to resume life in the great outdoors. Another happy, successful rescue story!
Don't ya love those?

Never a dull moment!
(Possible video or picture following this e-mail!)

Love, Terri


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