Donate Your Car!

Sedona Red Rock News
June 2010

Car Donors Support Charity of Choice

The nonprofit organization Cars4Charities is encouraging individuals to donate cars they no longer need to charity.

According to a press release, there are many good reasons to donate a car. For example, owners do not need to pay for advertisements to sell their car, and they will not have to make repairs on the car since Cars4Charities will take as-is.

In addition, owners who donate their cars can get tax deductions of $500.00 or more. And most importantly, car donors will be supporting the charity of their choice.

Cars4Charities has an extensive list of charities that individuals can donate their cars to. The list includes international charities, national charities and many charities serving the Sedona Area.

Cars can be donated online at without ever making a phone call. The car will usually be picked up within two to three days.

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